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News in short
 Latest news from Innobits

August 30, 2010
Video Purifier 1.4.7 Released.
Read more here

June 09, 2011
BitVice 2.9.8 UNIVERSAL Released.
With Video Purifier
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Read the release notes


Welcome to Innobits

Innobits AB develops, produces and markets products and services for the video and music industry, primarily tools for video encoding as well as sound and movie restoration.  Innobits is also pursuing several development projects for the digital TV and video/film industry.

"Purifier is a huge advance in video noise reduction software"
[TV Technology, April 20, 2009]

The review of Innobits Video Purifier in TV Technology, the leading broadcast and post production magazine, continues: “It is incredibly effective, fast and also inexpensive. It's output quality compares very favorably with many hardware solutions.” And furthermore: “At it's price point of just below $400 (Now limited time offer: $196) Purifier is a no-brainer for anyone working with video in need of noise reduction or removal.”   Read the full review here

DV Magazine gives Innobits Video Purifier "Award of Excellence".

We at Innobits are, of course, very proud over our award winning Video Purifier and of the review in TV Technology. We know that video and filmmakers get a real advantage when using Innobits products.

Get the best video/film denoiser available today !
Innobits Video Purifier removes contaminations in films/videos, for example dithering artifacts, unwanted video noise and unpleasent signatures from filtering processing.

It is a Mac first product, but a Windows/PC version is in development and planned to be released during 2009.

Video Purifier can be used in and for different situations, e.g.:
  • Restoration of motion pictures
  • Removing contaminations before editing/cutting your video
  • Removing contaminations after editing/cutting
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End Of Life for BitVice 1.x Series

BitVice 2.9.8 MPEG Encoder
Our MPEG Encoder is used all around the world and work like clockwork. If you want hazzle free encodings faster than real-time, this is for you.
BitVice 2.9.8 is an encoder for Mac (only), faster than real time for most computer configurations and with superior encoding quality.

BitVice 2.9.8 compresses your precious movies into MPEG-2 video files that can be imported into any compliant MPEG-2 authoring or multiplexing tool such as Apple's DVD Studio Pro.
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